Awards & Accreditations

Embassy English is honoured to be one of the most awarded English language schools.

Study Travel Magazine Star Awards 


Embassy English was awarded the world’s first global Super Star English Language School in 2015!

Embassy English are proud to be a five-time winner at the ST Star Awards, as voted by our approved partners and industry professionals


Winner of the 2015 Junior Course for under 18s

Accreditation & Membership



British Council


The British Council regularly inspects accredited organisations, and spot checks may be made 

 between inspections without warning. Displaying their logo in our schools means that we meet their high standards of independent quality assurance. Visit the British Council website
English UK (England)


English UK is an association formed from ARELS and BASELT. They work with the British Council to run the English in Britain Accreditation Scheme, a worldwide guarantee of quality.  Visit the website for English UK

ISI (Independent School Inspectorate)

The ISI carries out inspections of private independent schools using the Education Oversight framework. This involves a thorough inspection of our UK colleges assessing teaching, safety and management - all of which were assessed as "excellent" at our last inspection. Visit the website for the ISI.

Download the latest ISI report of Embassy English (in English, .pdf 127KB)
Download the separate ISI report of Embassy English Hastings (in English, .pdf 138KB)





The Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET) assesses educational institutions in the United States of America by a programme of regular inspections. Visit the website for ACCET

English USA (formerly AAIEP USA)


The English language programmes offered by English USA members are of the highest quality since all member programmes are accredited by ACCET, CEA, or operate under the governance of regionally accredited colleges or universities. Visit the website for English USA (New York State Education Department (USA) - Embassy New York only


Our  New York school is licenced to operate by the New York Department of Education (and regulated by the bureau of proprietary School Supervision, a department within the office of adult career and continuing education). Visit the website for



Languages Canada


Languages Canada is recognized both by the Canadian government and internationally. All accredited member schools are required to meet the rigorous standards of the association, and are reviewed by a team of independent professionals. Visit the website for Languages Canada



NEAS (Australia)

The National ELT Accreditation Scheme Limited (NEAS) is Australia's national accreditation scheme for English language teaching centres.  The broad aim of NEAS Australia is to establish and uphold high standards of service provision in English Language Teaching in Australia. Visit the website for NEAS

English Australia Colleges


English Australia Colleges are a select group of institutions which guarantee: protection of student's fees; quality tuition and services and adherence to a code of ethical conduct.  Visit the website for English Australia Colleges.



NZQA (New Zealand)


The New Zealand Qualifications Authority oversees assessment and qualifications of schools in New Zealand. Visit the website for NZQA.