Our charity

As part of a global education provider, Study Group, we seek to make a difference by funding the construction of schools in disadvantaged communities.

Social responsibility

Through our charitable initiative Building Futures, run by Study Group, we identify communities where the building of a school will contribute to the preservation of the social structure for future generations. 

The environment

Embassy and Study Group also recognise our responsibility towards protection of the environment and fosters among its staff, suppliers, customers, shareholders and local communities an understanding of environmental issues in the context of its business. Our collective task is to ensure that we continually improve the environmental impact of our global activities.

How we help

Schools benefit not only children, but the community as a whole, because educated kids grow up to become skilled adults. The projects often also bring water and sanitation to the region; and as well as the building works, the charity provides educational materials, computers and teaching staff.

Our achievements

To date we have built schools in:

  • Aceh, Indonesia
  • Zounzounkanme, Benin
  • Codó Nova, Brazil
  • Liu Shu, China
  • Van Han Commune, Vietnam

For more details on Building Futures, please visit our parent company's website, Study Group.

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